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Title: Survivor
Characters: JD/Perry, JD/Jordan, Jordan/Perry, JD/Perry/Jordan
Series Rating: NC-17
Description: A terrible accident requires JD use all his skill to save the mentor he idolizes. But times of crisis can bring people together in unusual ways...
Author's Note: Beta by [livejournal.com profile] yutamiyu who rocks all! Thanks again, you are totally awesome.

Warnings: OT3. Het content. Note chapter rating.

The rest of the afternoon passed in a sort of strange, happy blur for JD. They ate lunch together, chatting about this and that, laughing and teasing one another. Knowing the looks of affection and flirtatious glances they tossed him were real made JD at once more at ease and more tense; he even attempted some awkward flirting back, and though it had never exactly been his strong suit, Jordan and Perry fortunately didn't ridicule the efforts, for which JD silently blessed them.

But they didn't talk much about what exactly they were planning to do. Standing in the kitchen, washing their dishes from dinner, JD pondered their new situation. They couldn't exactly go on dates, at least not with Perry's leg the way it was, and JD wasn't terribly fond of the idea of going out with Jordan and leaving Perry alone. And it wasn't like they could do anything physical yet, either--not all of them together, anyway. And again, the thought of excluding Perry was less than appealing to him, much as his body might've appreciated the physical release Jordan could've offered.

But they didn't speak of it, and despite his happiness, as the afternoon wore into evening and the evening to night, JD found himself feeling more confused than ever as to how this was going to work.

He ran the dampened dish towel over the edge of the last plate and stacked it in the cabinet, then folded the towel itself over the oven handle before turning and glancing at the microwave clock. It was just after eleven--they'd watched a movie with dinner, and had put off the clean-up until after it was over. Now, however, Jordan was likely settling Perry in to sleep, changing into her pajamas to join him. He supposed any further discussion of their new situation would have to wait until morning. If, in fact, they hadn't changed their minds by then.

He sighed, heading down the hallway and opening the door into his bedroom, rooting through the piles of laundry for a clean shirt to sleep in.

They wouldn't change their minds. Would they? If they'd been seducing him for weeks, as they claimed, then surely now that they had him they wouldn't decide they didn't want him...

He paled suddenly, remembering his situation with Elliot; how he'd chased her for ages, and once he finally had her, he'd realized any actual love he felt for her had long ago been lost, and all that was left had been the thrill of the chase.

But...that wouldn't happen now. Would it? Sure, Jordan and Perry tended to be impulsive, and okay, they weren't always the most aware of other people's feelings, but...to do something like this, to lead him on, to let him in, then turn around and change their minds...?

Shit. Would they? Now that they had him, now that they'd won him over, would they lose interest?

Shit, shit, shit!

He sighed, changing into his t-shirt and stripping down to his boxers, pulling back the blankets and climbing in, trying to calm himself down. There was no sense in freaking out about it now, after all--if things didn't happen, well...he wasn't really any worse off than he was before, right? Sure, maybe it would suck a little--okay, a lot--to have been offered everything he wanted only to have it taken away, but...he could deal with it. He'd dealt with worse. He was John Dorian, after all--he was the king of rejections.

He cringed, chuckling ruefully as he tugged the blankets up, curling on his side and fisting them under his chin. He'd just have to cross that bridge when he came to it, he supposed. Wasn't like he had any other choice, really.

He settled further into his mattress, gazing absently at the clock next to his bed, then jumped, startled when he heard a knock at his door.

"Yeah?" he said, pushing himself up a little.

The door opened, and the light from the hallway filtered in, Jordan standing silhouetted in the gap. "DJ? What are you doing?"

"Going to bed?" JD replied, blinking at her. "Sorry, did you need my help with something else?"

Jordan studied him a moment in silence, and JD squinted, wishing he could read her expression. Finally, she said, "Yeah. I could use your help getting Perry more comfortable."

"Oh! Sorry," JD said again, sliding out of bed and blushing slightly when Jordan looked him up and down. God, he'd had sex with the woman twice, why was he embarrassed for her to see him in his underwear? Even if the boxers did have little happy faces on them.

She smirked, but didn't comment, leading him back down the hallway to the master bedroom. He stepped inside to see Perry resting much as he'd last seen him, lying on his back on the right side of the large bed. The older doctor was watching him, expression inscrutable, and JD frowned, glancing at Jordan then back at Perry. "What...how can I...I mean, what do you need...?"

Behind him, Jordan shut the door, and nodded toward the bed. "Hop up, and I'll show you," she said. JD, with his back turned to her, missed the wink she threw at her ex husband.

JD climbed carefully up on the bed, knee walking over to Perry's side, blushing again as the older man's eyes flicked down to his boxers. Why hadn't he worn the plain ones? "So..."

"So," Jordan said, moving up onto the bed behind him. "I think Perry would be much more comfortable if you would just..." she trailed off, putting her hands on JD's shoulders and pushing him gently down onto the mattress. JD wobbled a little, then, realizing what she was doing, drew a sharp breath and obeyed, settling onto his side, Perry's smirking face only a few inches from his.

"What do you think, Perry?" Jordan said. "Is that better?"

"Hmm," Perry murmured. "Closer, but...I think I'd be more comfortable if he'd just..." he reached out, taking JD's arm and drawing it around his waist. "Yeah," he murmured after a moment's consideration. "That does help."

JD tried to relax, letting his arm rest lightly against Perry's side, realizing after a moment that he was holding his breath.

Jordan poked him lightly, sliding in behind him, chuckling when he gasped softly, before breathing normally again. "Don't pass out on us, DJ."

"I...no," JD agreed, swallowing and licking his lips softly.

Perry chuckled, reaching out with his good hand and guiding JD's head to his shoulder. "Settle, Newbie," he murmured. "We're not going to molest you. Not yet."

"I can't make that promise," Jordan said as she pressed in behind him, winding her arm around JD's middle and planting a soft bite at the nape of his neck.

JD's breath hitched and he pressed back against her without quite meaning to, a soft moan escaping him when she did it again, just a bit harder. "J-Jordan...you'll make me bounce the bed..."

"Hmmm..." Jordan nibbled his ear, rubbing her hand over his belly, dipping low. "Then move over."

She slid backwards, tugging at his hips to get him to follow her.

JD would've protested, but one look at Perry showed him a look in the other man's eyes he never thought would be directed at him, and he let Jordan tug him over, following her, his head tipping to the side to give her teeth better access. "God..."

Jordan hummed, swinging her leg up and over JD's hips, and JD realized that under her gown, she wore nothing at all.

Fuck...they'd planned this...

He arched beneath her, moaning again, and she bent and began a passionate assault on his exposed throat, nibbling, licking and sucking, apparently unconcerned that her ministrations would definitely be leaving marks.

And JD couldn't find it in himself to mind. Fuck, it was turning him on more, knowing she was marking him. He arched again, groaning to feel her rubbing herself against him, his cock rising further at the feeling. "Oh fuck..."

"Show me what else he likes."

JD's hips twitched hard and he opened his eyes, looking over to see Perry watching them intently, good hand settled over the front of his boxers and moving slowly against himself. He groaned at the sight, hips jerking up again, and above him, Jordan made a small noise of pleasure at the motion.

"I think he likes watching you," she breathed, even as she continued to roll her hips against him, rubbing herself against JD's fabric-covered cock.

Perry smiled, eyes darkening with lust. "That true, Newbie?" he murmured, giving himself a long, gentle squeeze. "You like watching?"

JD whimpered, when Jordan pressed down against him again, unable to tear his gaze away from Perry. The cast hadn't ever been a part of his daydreams, of course, but otherwise...this was a dream come true and he was afraid it would all melt away in a moment. "I...fuck, yeah," he managed, hands skimming up Jordan's thighs to hold her in place and grind up against her.

"I rather like it too," Perry responded softly, and as JD watched, Perry slipped his hand into the front of his boxers, and pulled out his cock, which was long, flushed and quite hard. JD swallowed, realizing he was salivating, and wondered if it was actually possible to have one's eyes pop out of one's head.

"This is what it does to me," Perry continued in a whisper, stroking himself slowly, teasingly, cupping his fingertips at the head of his cock and using his thumb to rub gentle circles over the head. He closed his eyes briefly, teeth biting his lower lip, and then opened them again, looking up at Jordan. "Tell me how he feels, Jordan," he whispered.

"He's hard, twitching against me...so eager, aren't you, DJ? Gotta teach you some patience..." Jordan ducked down, sinking her teeth into the join of JD's neck and shoulder, sucking hard when he mewled in response, hips bucking up under hers. "And he's wearing too many clothes," she added, sitting up again, her hips rocking lightly as she tugged his t-shirt up over his head.

If any part of JD's brain were still functional, he would've attempted to help her; as it was, all he could do was gape at her as she worked the clothing up over his head, tugging his arms out of the sleeves and tossing the shirt to Perry, who bring it to his face and inhaled deeply, stroking himself a little faster.

"I think you may be wearing too much, too," the older doctor informed his ex wife, and Jordan smirked at him, squirming a little over JD.

"What do you think, DJ?" she murmured, dragging his hands up her thighs and under her gown to her waist, the silky fabric draped over JD's wrists. "Do you think I'm overdressed?"

JD managed to nod, hands moving over her skin, now that they'd been placed there, following the line of her back up, then down again. "Definitely." He pulled himself up, sliding his hands down to start gathering the fabric at the hem, before sliding them up, until her nightgown was off, puddled beside them. And then he kissed her, hands cupping her face and drawing her close, tongue sliding into her mouth, relearning barely familiar territory.

"How does she feel, Newbie?" Perry murmured, voice low and soft. "How does she feel moving against you?"

"Softer than I expected," JD murmured, breaking the kiss, looking into Jordan's face. Her eyes were open, wanting. Amused, of course, but with affection in them as well, and he couldn't help smiling to see it. "And like she could take me and break me, and I'd only ask for more. Like I could take her, and know she'd accept everything I had to give and give it back." His words were directed to Perry, but he was speaking straight to Jordan, his hand smoothing back her hair, looking right into her eyes the whole time. "Amazing. She feels amazing."

"Do you want to be inside her?" Perry whispered. "Do you want to feel her around you, Newbie?"

"Well, duh," JD replied, grinning, looking over at Perry. "How could I not?" He laughed, as Jordan pushed him back to the mattress, shaking her head at him.

"I think he can wait for a moment," she said, smirking at him and moving away only long enough to brace herself next to her ex husband and take him deep into her mouth.

Perry groaned, the hand he'd been using to stroke himself extending toward JD, who took it in his own automatically. "She's...she's very good at this, JD," Perry whispered, then gasped, arching ever so slightly when Jordan's head suddenly dipped lower.

Jordan lifted her head and looked at JD, dragging her lips slowly up Perry's cock before plunging down again, then back up. She drew away, swirling her tongue at the very tip, teasing at the slit, making Perry groan deeply.

JD let out a soft groan of his own, watching her, imagining that mouth moving on him. And then his eyes flicked up to Perry's face, imagining making the older man feel that way. And either way...Oh God, I am so fucking lucky!

Perry whimpered, biting his lip and tugging on JD's hand. "Kiss me," he whispered, voice ragged.

He didn't have to be asked twice. JD scooted over, bracing himself on his hands and knees, his lips pressing against Perry's and parting quickly, doing his level best to make the older man moan again.

It didn't take long.

A few moments later, however, he broke away with a gasp; Perry's hand, no longer holding JD's, had crept beneath him and was now cradling his cock and balls, fondling them lightly through the fabric of JD's boxers.

"Oh fuck..." JD's hips pressed forward before he could stop them, and he ducked his head, groaning when Perry squeezed.

"Like that, Newbie?" Perry whispered, voice a little tight as he squeezed again, rubbing the heel of his hand over the weight that lay in his palm.

"Uh...uh huh..."

"Your boxers are damp," Perry told him, tracing a line over the front of them. "Is that from you, or from Jordan, I wonder...?" He didn't pause for an answer, slipping his hand inside the flap and dragging his fingertips up to the tip of JD's cock. "Ah," he murmured, thumb catching some of the fluid there. "I'm thinking both."

Jordan suddenly moved up behind him, tracing a line down JD's back to the waistband of his boxers. "I think he should be out of them, Perry," she murmured. "Don't you?"

"Couldn't agree more," Perry replied, releasing JD's cock and withdrawing his hand.

JD might've protested, but a moment later he couldn't bring himself to do so; Jordan had slipped his boxers down over his hips, letting them pool at his knees, and began trailing a line of licks and wet kisses down his spine, toward his cleft. Meanwhile, Perry's hand resumed its work at his cock, teasing and stroking.

If this is a dream, I hope I don't ever wake up... JD gasped and whimpered, hips canting first forward, then back, trying to press into both their touches at once, especially when Jordan didn't stop where he expected her to, but kept going. "Oh God...Oh God..."

"All right, Perry, I'll pay up," Jordan offered, before returning to her work, managing to get JD to shift his weight enough to relieve him of his boxers and spread his knees wider apart, her fingers teasing over his hole. "I'll bet he'll be a sweet fuck..."

JD gasped again, feeling his cock jump at the words. He looked up, to catch Perry's reaction, feeling wonderfully caught between them.

Perry was gazing up at him with eyes hooded with lust. "I bet he will be," he murmured. "Can you imagine taking him at the same time? Me buried inside him...him buried inside you?"

"God, yes," Jordan purred, and a moment later, JD felt something hot and wet press against his opening.

Jesus fucking Christ, she was rimming him. Oh God... JD let out a hoarse cry, pressing back into the touch, his forehead falling against Perry's shoulder as Jordan took firm hold on his hips, keeping him still as her tongue moved on him, licking, flickering and then holy fuck, pressing in... "Oh God...oh fuck, that...oh fuck..."

"Think he likes that," Perry murmured, sounding amused and aroused at once; against him, Jordan hummed in agreement, and JD squeaked at the resulting sensation.

"Soon, Newbie," Perry murmured, hand stroking in earnest, "I'll be doing that to you, too. Preparing you, with my fingers and my tongue...then, when you're good at stretched, I'll take you, press myself deep inside you...oh, it'll feel so good, you'll be so hot, so tight..." He twisted his wrist, groaning a little.

"I...yes...Fuck, Perry...Jordan...oh god..." JD wasn't even sure what he was trying to say, just let the broken words escape from him as the two of them wound him tighter and tighter with their touches, their caresses, and Perry's deadly words. "M'close..." he gasped, finally, as the tell tale prickles of heat began to race under his skin.

"Good, Newbie," Perry whispered, stroking him faster. "Good...let it go. Come for us. We want you to..."

Jordan again hummed her agreement, her hand reaching up to play with his balls, press in behind them, and JD had only time to draw a breath before he exploded, spilling in long spurts over Perry's fingers.

"Oh, fu-u-uck..." he groaned, barely retaining the presence of mind not to simply collapse forward on top of Perry as the older man's fingers continued to milk him, pulling a few more spurts from his cock before he finally shuddered to a finish. He dropped his head to Perry's shoulder once more, still braced on his hands and knees, and tried to catch his breath.

"I think he liked that," Jordan said, and JD could hear the amusement in her voice.

"I think he did," Perry murmured in reply, and his hand gave JD's softening cock one last squeeze before moving to JD's hair, playing through it gently.

"Brill-brilliant observations, both of you," JD managed, still panting. "What was...your first clue?"

"Oooo, he's sassy," Jordan said, swatting JD's backside lightly. "I like that."

"Could give him something better to do with that mouth of his," Perry suggested, and while his voice was teasing, when JD lifted his head there was a touch of uncertainty in his eyes. JD read it easily: Perry wanted him to know he didn't have to do anything he wasn't comfortable with.

Touched, JD just smiled and licked his lips. "What'd you have in mind?" he asked, slowly sitting back on his heels and looking Perry up and down. "Because if it's what I think it is...Jordan? Tell me what he likes?"

She smiled, lifting her eyebrows, expression approving. "I can do that," she murmured. "You have the right lips for the job, too." She slid backwards, making room for him, and sat back on her heels. "Take him in your hand," she instructed softly. "To hold him steady. And start slow--just kiss the tip. Use your tongue if you like."

Trying to remember what had felt good with the few blowjobs he'd received (if not for several years), JD nodded, rearranging himself to reach out and gently stroke Perry's cock, still not quite believing this was real. Wow. There it was, and here he was actually touching it and...wow. He leaned forward, just brushing his lips over the head, tongue flicking out to lick up the moisture that gathered. The flavor was a little bitter, the scent strong and musky and very, very male; combined with the way it twitched in his hand, and the way Perry moaned softly, fingers burying themselves in JD's hair...it made his mouth water, and his once-sated cock begin to twitch again.

"Good," Jordan murmured. "Swirl your tongue around, if you like. Don't be afraid to improvise a little. Just be careful of your teeth."

Getting a sudden picture of Jordan doing something to him, and then pulling back so he could repeat the move on Perry, JD did as he was told, tongue moving over Perry's cock, licking and tasting, before he let his mouth slide over it, covering his teeth with his lips.

"Oh, fuck, Newbie...that's nice," Perry sighed, hands stroking over JD's head gently. "That feels really, really good, kid--oh, God, yeah, keep...like that, yesss..."

Oh God. Hearing Perry make those noises, knowing it was because of him... JD opened his eyes and looked up, meeting the older man's gaze for a moment before he dropped his eyes, pulsing his tongue along Perry's cock, trying to remember what he himself liked best.

"Fuck, yeah...oh, shit...I'm..."

"Stroke him," Jordan whispered, voice hoarse, and when JD glanced at her he realized she was kneeling, legs parted, and was rubbing herself with the flat of one hand, hips rolling just a little while the fingers of her other pinched one of her nipples. She was gazing at JD, eyes dark with lust. "Tight and fast, at the base. And suck on the head. He's close."

Again, JD did as he was told, placing one hand at the top of Perry's right thigh to keep his injured leg still as the other hand stroked just as Jordan told him it should, his mouth pulling back, tongue sucking and swirling around the head of Perry's cock, just waiting for the other man to finish.

Perry groaned, tapping JD's head urgently. "Newbie...Newbie, I'm gonna...I..."

"Swallow him," Jordan whispered, voice tight. "It's not that bad, and it gets him so hot, JD...swallow him."

JD was glad his instincts matched Jordan's direction, and he merely took Perry a bit deeper, keeping up the stroking, humming softly under his breath. And then found himself swallowing, as Perry's cock suddenly spasmed in his mouth, and began pumping a salty, bitter fluid into his throat.

It wasn't pleasant, but it wasn't terrible, and it was more than worth it, to hear the long groans and whimpered words of lust that spilled from Perry's mouth as he came long and hard, into JD's mouth.

"Fuck...oh, Newbie, oh, fuck yeah, shit...Oh, JD, that's so good, fuck, don't stop...oh.."

Then he went limp beneath JD, hands still stroking his hair gently, hips and cock twitching as he whimpered. JD lifted his eyes, and saw Perry's head was arched back, eyes closed, mouth hanging open. At JD's movement, he opened his eyes and gazed down at him, and a slow, genuine smile spread across his face, beaming with love and sated desire.

"Well done, Newbie," he murmured softly. "Very well done."

JD grinned, slowly pulling back and letting Perry fall from his mouth, licking his lips. "Thanks. I'm a fast learner." He knew, soon enough, he'd be freaking over realizing he'd just given Dr. Cox a blow job, but just now...he was too proud and satisfied.

And ready again, he realized, when Jordan slid over and cupped his cock in her hand.

"I've been patient," she murmured, moving forward and capturing JD's lips in hers. "But enough is enough."

JD kissed her back, letting her taste the remains of Perry's release in his mouth as she pushed him down onto the mattress, straddling him once more.

"I trust, DJ, that you already know how to do this?" she asked, raising herself up and capturing his cock within her with no preamble, sliding slowly down the length of it, her head falling back as he filled her.

"Oh," JD breathed, resisting the urge to let his own head fall back, wanting to watch her moving above him. He bit his lip, hands resuming their former position on her thighs, and watched with wide eyes as she began to rotate her hips in a slow circle, grinding down and raising herself up before pressing down again. "So beautiful..." he murmured.

Jordan smiled, tightening all around him, making his hips jerk upwards to cause an answering gasp from her. One of his hands slid down from her hip, across her belly, and to their joining, finding the small nub he was searching for and flicking it, lightly, feeling her shudder all over.

Sometimes, being a doctor and having a knowledge of anatomy was a very, very good thing.

He glanced at Perry, and saw the other man was smiling at them, eyes glazed with a sleepy sort of longing. He smiled back, then looked back up at Jordan, snapping his hips up and rubbing her gently with the pad of his thumb, pressing in and letting her press back as she moved on his cock. "Fuck," he whispered as she clenched down again. "That's...that's nice..."

"Mnnhmm," Jordan moaned, lower lip held fast between her teeth. She was close, much closer than he was--but she'd been waiting longest, and after all, he'd already had one turn.

Deciding she'd taken plenty of the initiative for one evening, he caught her up in his arms, and drew her down, rolling her to one side and moving up on top of her. She looked startled, at first, then suddenly grinned, lifting an eyebrow at him as if to say, All right, I'm game. Show me what you got.

JD looked up at Perry, grin widening, and gave Jordan a few deep, hard thrusts, before slowly pulling out. She moaned, looking disappointed, until he slid down her body, nuzzling at her belly and into the wiry curls at her groin before reaching his goal. He heard her gasp, felt her thighs tense as she drew her knees up and apart, and smiled once more before pressing forward, pillowing his lips against her and extending his tongue, tapping lightly at her clit.

Jordan cried out, shaking, but her thighs stayed apart and he slid one finger into her slick warmth, then two, curling them forward against the slight change of texture inside her. And there he pressed, alternating fingertips, wriggling them, all as his tongue tapped and licked and pressed and flicked her clit.

She was clearly worked up, because it didn't take long. A few more minutes, and she was clamping down around him, arching strongly, thighs trembling as she pulsed and came, hard, all around his fingers.

Without wasting any time, JD removed his fingers and his tongue sliding up and entering her again, thrusting powerfully. She wailed, a high-pitched, keening sound, and her nails clawed at his back as her hips met his thrusts raggedly. He felt the sweat breaking out all over his body as he moved in her, bringing her to orgasm again, feeling his own building. Finally, as her legs lifted and wrapped around his waist, and her teeth sank into his shoulder, he cried out, grinding to a halt and coming deep within her in hard, short spasms.

He collapsed to the side, pulling her close, feeling her still panting against him, little shocks running through her and through him until he softened and slipped out. "Oh holy fuck," he murmured, finally, propping himself up to look down at her and kiss her softly. "You're amazing. Both of you," he added, looking over his shoulder at Perry.

Perry grinned, stretching as well as he was able around his cast. "Brilliant observation, Newbie," he said. "What tipped you off?"

JD giggled softly, sleepily. "Mmm. The putting me into a sex coma when you're still in a cast is part of it."

Jordan sighed heavily, clearly heading that direction herself. "Well," she mumbled. "I told you I wouldn't promise not to molest you. So at least one of us was telling the truth..."

Perry rolled his eyes. "Hey," he said. "Why are you guys still all the way over there?"

"Because the demon lady removed all my bones," JD replied, rolling over until he was closer to Perry. "Ow," he added absently when Jordan pinched him.

Perry grinned, opening his arms to the younger man. "She'll do that," he agreed. "Get over here, Newbie. I didn't get my fill of this before she stole you away the first time."

"And who removed all of my bones?" Jordan grumbled, pushing JD closer to Perry and fitting herself in behind him, one arm reaching over to rest on Perry's side.

JD smiled, pressing shyly close against Perry, settling his head on the older man's shoulder. "Nice sandwich..."

"I'd like a Newbie on rye, hold the mayo..."

"Shut up, Perry."

JD giggled softly, already on the edge of sleep. Well. This was much better than going back to the guestroom alone...

It took him a second to realize he'd said that out loud.

Neither Perry or Jordan responded aloud. However, Perry bent forward and pressed a kiss to JD's forehead, Jordan leaned forward and kissed his neck, and both wrapped their arms more snuggly around him.

And JD fell asleep there, held between them.

* * *

Last Chapter

* * *
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